Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thing #8

I have been playing with Bloglines for several days. I had to print out the tutorial from Preetam Rai and read it several times. (I think I will start a notebook with all the items I have collected thus far!) There are so many ways to subscribe to RSS feeds and I wanted a hard copy to refer to. Then, I got caught up in reading all the blogs. I especially liked Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog. I read on his blog that Amazon is coming out with an electronic ebook reader called the Kindle. It is wireless and can hold up to 200 books at a time. You could possibly subscribe to magazines through it, too. What are the possible future implications for libraries? Will we have ebooks on our shelves? Could we give each student at our school a Kindle and then let them download books from our library? What are the possible copyright implications if we do that? It brings up a whole new set of questions that future (maybe present) librarians will have to answer. Welcome to the wave of the future! In the meantime, let me go check my RSS subscriptions to see if anything new has come up. This is addictive!


mmw said...

It IS addictive, but quick to go through and mark as read any posts that you aren't interested in.

DigitalDeb said...

I found a tool on bloglines called "sub with bloglines". You save it as a favorite and when you come across something you want to subscribe to you just open the link and it brings up a window where you just click subscribe. Very easy!

speedreader said...

I pray that the Kindle doesn't replace books on my shelf...EVER! I know that new technology may change the way some people listen to books, but in schools we still need books for kids to hold in their hands (or drop in puddles, or spill juice on in their backpack, or let the puppy taste) and learn to read! So much digital information is out there, but kids have to be readers to use it!